Wine List  
House Wines  
House Red 5g
aromas of cherry and plum with a simple dry finish

House White 5g
aromas of green apple and peach, with
a rich and fruity finish

House Blush 5g
medium-sweet rosé wine with hints of sweet fruits

White Wines

Cavit Pinot Grigio 08 // 6g 18b
aromas of fruit and nuts with a crisp and
fruity flavor

Kendall Jackson Chard 07 // 8g 24b
bursts with tropical flavors such as mango, papaya and pineapple with citrus notes

Messina Hof Riesling 07 // 7g 21b
delicate fruit flavors of apple and pear bottled cold to retain its natural CO2
Red Wines  
Rodney Strong Merlot 04 // 9g 27b
plum and blueberry flavors predominate in this soft, rich, mouth filling Merlot with a lingering berry-cream finish

Concha Y Toro, Casillero del Diablo, Merlot 08 // 7.50g 23b
a perfect combination of plumy-herby flavors with a smoky cedar aroma, smooth finish

Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 07 // 7.50 g 23b
velvety layers of plum and spice with a supple texture, well rounded tannins and bright acidity

BV Cabernet Sauvignon, Gold Label 06 // 7g 21b
aromas of mixed berries and mocha layered with a hint of youthful flavors of blackberry, chocolate and well-meshed wood with a smooth finish

Mark West Pinot Noir 06 // 8g 24b
aged for 10 months to accentuate the strawberry and vanilla flavors of the grape

Rosemount shiraz 07 // 7.50g 23b
berry, spicy anise aromatics, richness medium-length finish


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